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Below is a list of our advertised and forecasted engineering projects. 

Project Name/Description Type Advertising Date

Grant (Y/N)

Harmony WRF Expansion Consultant Selection: Harmony WRF has a permitted capacity of 0.499 MGD AADF. The facility is currently undergoing construction to expand the plant to 0.75 MGD AADF. This project will increase the permitted capacity of the Harmony WRF from 0.75 MGD to approximately 1.3 MGD AADF.  RFQu Advertised - RFQu-24-048 N
Harmony WTP Well Pump Procurement: To provide eight (8) Ion Exchange vessels and associated appurtenances including, but not limited to, valves and actuators, magnetic flow meters, a blower, brine saturator system, dilution panel, and the resin, for a one-time purchase. IFB Advertised - IFB-24-070 N
Metallic Force Main Excavation and Inspection: Excavating to expose force mains at 14 locations and, once wall thickness testing is completed, then backfill, compaction and restoration be completed. IFB Advertised - IFB-24-071 N
Shingle Creek Pipe Bridge Replacement: Furnishing all labor, equipment and materials necessary to for the installation of four (4) new insertion valves, two (2) new pipe supports and the demolition of two (2) existing pipe supports. IFB Advertised - IFB-24-102 N
Lincoln Street Sewer Project: Install approximately 530 LF of 8-inch sanitary sewer main by open cut along Lincoln Street and connecting it to the existing sanitary sewer main along MLK Blvd. The project includes eight laterals, two manholes, one dog house manhole, six water services, four single water services, and site restoration. IFB Advertised - IFB-24-083 N
16-inch Champions Gate Force Main Replacement: Furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials necessary to: Construct 20-inch DR-11 HDPE forcemain via horizontal directional drilling, construct 16-inch DR-18 PVC force main via open cut, construct 18-inch SDR-26 PVC gravity sewer, construct (1) 5-FT diameter manhole (20-FT deep), connect new force main to an existing lift station wet well, rehabilitating the wet well by sealing and coating, place out of service (grout fill) existing 16-inch DIP force main, associated fittings, valves, other appurtenances and full restorarion within Champions Gate Blvd project area.  IFB Advertised - IFB-24-093  
WTP #4 CMAR Services (Re-Bid): WTP #4 has a permitted treatment capacity of 9 MGD.  The plant is bring upgrade to improve water quality.  The upgrade project includes the replacement of the MIEX treatment system with a fixed bed ion exchange treatment system with associated sand filters for pretreatment, regeneration system, well pump improvements, and related electrical, I&C and yard piping work.  RFP or IFB April N
Pine Lake Estates: The project consist of replacing approximately 8,250 linear feet of existing 10-inch and 6-inch potable water mains with a minimum 8-inch diameter pipe, fire hydrants and related appurtenances within the Pine Lakes Estates neighborhood. IFB April Y
Southside WRF Reuse Pond Expansion: Adding an additional 36 MG storage volume to the existing 89 MG reuse storage pond to increase reuse availability during dry weather.. RFQu TBD Y
Westside Blvd 16-inch FM Renewal and Replacement: Replacement of approximately 3400 feet of Forcemain which has experience several breaks in the last 3-4 months. RFQu/IFB April N
LS 30 Renee IV-N. John Young Pkwy GS Rehab - WIFIA: Replace gravity sewer mains, laterals, and manholes, and rehabilitate, gravity sewer mains and laterals by Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining, and rehabilitate manholes by sealing and coating, within Lift Station 30 Basin Area. IFB April N
Continuing CMAR: Selection of CMAR firm to provide continuing CMAR services treatment facility projects that are within the CCNA. RFQu April N
US 192 Bamboo to Main Sewer Renewal and Replacement: Replacement of existing gravity sewer along US-192 plus lining and coating of several manholes and gravity sewer mains within US-192 R/W. IFB April N
LS-30 FM Upgrade and Lavon WM Upgrades: Design underway with continuing consultants, CMAR proposed for FM and WM upgrades. IFB/RFQu April  
Northeast Booster PS Upgrade: Northeast Booster Pump Station (NESS) will be upgraded with increased pumping capacity to better maintain pressures in the City's water distribution system. Four (4) pumps will be replaced. Ductile iron piping will be replaced with larger diameter piping. The generator will be replaced with a larger one of sufficient size to provide backup power to the three (3) firm pumps. Some tank recirculation piping will be replaced with larger diameter piping. A temporary bypass pumping system will be installed during the time that the existing pump station is out of service. RFQu/IFB April N
Parkway WRF Reject Pond Liner Replacement: Parkway WRF's reject storage pond liner was installed in 1990. Liners have an expected lifespan of 20 years. The liner at Parkway has failed and been repaired multiple times. Additionally, it is an FDEP requirement to have a lined reject storage pond. If the liner fails again and cannot be repaired the plant would be out of compliance. IFB April N
Edgewater Reuse Storage and Repump Station: Toho is experiencing growth throughout its reuse service area primarily due to new developments. Toho master planning identified a new Edgewater Reuse Storage and Repump Station (Edgewater Reuse) to help meet new developments’ reuse demands. The proposed pumping capacity of the facility is 6,000 gallons per minute and the proposed storage capacity is 2.5 million gallons. RFQu April N
Sunbridge WRF Expansion to 3.5 MGD: The Sunbridge WRF Expansion to 3.5 MGD Project will be designed and constructed to expand the existing capacity of 1 million gallon per day (MGD) Average Daily Flow (ADF) to the capacity of 3.5 MGD ADF.  The improvements will include overall facility components and infrastructure upgrades.   RFQu April N
Richard McLaughlin (NB) WRF Valve Replacement: Replace one 48” and two 36” isolation valves, one 30” and one 36” flow meter isolation valve, and one 36” flow meter bypass valve. Project also includes installation of a 20” bypass line, magnetic flow meter, and the replacement of the radio tower, and plant security system upgrade. IFB April N
Cypress Lake Concentrate Injection Well (IW-1): Second injection well at the Cypress Lake project to dispose of brine concentrate. IFB April Y
Cypress Lake Raw Water Main to Connect PW 1-4 to WTP Site: Will connect four brackish water production wells to the Cypress Lake reverse osmosis water treatment plant site. IFB April Y
CMAR GCs & Fee bid for Sunbridge WTP Upgrade & Expansion Project: Expansion of the existing 1.0 MGD water treatment plant to 4.8 MGD. Includes addition of complete nanofiltration and degassifier processes and conversion to free chlorine disinfection. IFB April N
CL1-I-03 Champions Gate Interconnect IFB April N
Lakeshore Interconnection: Install approximately 520 LF of 14” HDPE HDD, 71 LF of 12” PVC by open cut, and 45 LF of 8” PVC by open cut to interconnect Toho East (St. Cloud). IFB April N
St. Cloud Interconnection Phase II: Install approximately 2620 LF of 12” PVC WM and associated valves and hydrants to interconnect Toho East (St. Cloud). Richard Mclaughlin WRF Valve Replacement: replace one 48” and two 36” isolation valves, one 30” and one 36” flow meter isolation valve, and one 36” flow meter bypass valve. Project also includes installation of a 20” bypass line, magnetic flow meter, and the replacement of the radio tower, and plant security system upgrade. IFB April N
Pleasant Hill 16” Watermain: Between Granada Blvd. and Eagle lake Blvd. is a 2,100 ft water main gap.  The mains terminating at Granada and Eagle Lake are 16 and 12 inch. The two mains are connected through adjacent residential streets via 8 and 10 inch mains. This restriction limits the movement of water into south Poinciana. The restriction will be eliminated by extending 2,100 ft of water main.The water main extension will support moving water to serve existing customers and future growth. IFB April N
Nolte Road Booster Pump Station: The Nolte Road Booster Pump Station is an infrastructure improvement project intended to address ongoing pressure issues in City’s northeast potable water service area and help to accommodate demands associated with the anticipated Center Lake DRI. The Project is located in the City of St. Cloud, Florida. IFB April N
Florida Plaza - 192 Force Main: The force main along US-192 in the vicinity of Florida Plaza/Seralago Hotel and Suites failed at two locations in less than a two months period.  Temporary point repairs were completed to restore service. A temporary bypass force main was installed and in operation on 12/20/2023. A permanent replacement of the remaining 16-inch DIP force main will be replaced with 20-inch HDPE directional bore. The scope was expanded to add additional force main replacement.  The project is expected to bid in April 2024 and be substantially complete Sept. – Nov. 2024 IFB April N
Lift Station 111 Screening Improvements: Project will add screening structure and will modify side piping and electrical modifications. IFB April N
Reedy Creek Interconnection: Modifications to the existing Reedy Creek interconnect for RCES to provide 2.5 MGD to Toho. Modifications include a new control valve, pressure gauge w/ transmitter, gave valve w/ motorized remove actuator, mag flow meter, and a control panel. IFB April N
RFQu for WIFIA II support: Outside Consultant  need to assist with WIFIA II Compliance & Tracking (AIS, Davis Bacon compliance). RFQu April N
Kindred 20" RM Consultant Contract Docs: Will need consultant contract docs for RFQu-24-014. SOS negotiation expected to be finalized early April for May Board approval. RFQu April N
Friars Cove WM Consultant Contract Docs. Will need consultant contract docs for RFQu-24-001.  SOS negotiation expected to be finalized early April for May Board approval. RFQu April N
Mann St. Toho Utilities Relocation: City of Kissimmee has a project to perform road widening and improvements of Mann St, in Kissimmee. This project will impact some existing TWA utilities, which will need to be relocated before roadway project. 
Pending on City of Kissimmee to confirm if their roadway project will start construction in January 2024.
OPCC- $404, 334.00
Estimated construction duration - 6months
IFB April N
Harmony WTP Upgrade and Expansion: The WTP has a permitted treatment capacity of 1.29 MGD. The WTP will be expanded to 2.6 MGD with new treatment processes to improve water quality. IFB Late May N
Harmony Water Treatment Plant Expansion: The existing Harmony WTP has a permitted capacity of 1.29 MGD. The WTP will be expanded to 2.6 MGD with additional upgrade to existing treatment processes and equipment.  It is anticipated the project will be completed by late 2025/early 2026. IFB June N
532-Old Lake Wilson-US 17/92 (Including Water Wheeling - Cypress): This project includes potential utility relocations to avoid conflicts with the Central Florida Expressway Authority's (CFX) proposed roadwayimprovements. Potential utility relocations include 4,000 LF of 30" raw water main; 600 LF of 20" water main; 2,900 LF of 30" water main; and 2,000 LF of 6" force main. All utility work will be done ahead or in conjunction with CFX's roadway improvements. This budget estimate also includes a NEW 30" water transmission main between the Southwest WTP and US 17‐92 (future line to the western edge of Intercession City). This new transmission main is a Cypress Lake Water Wheeling transmission main, but is being accelerated to aid internal water wheeling for Toho. Poinciana service area demands are expected to increase by approximately 2.0 MGD over the next 10 years, requiring AWS or supply from other Toho WTPs to make up for the increase in demand.  N/A June N
Shingle Creek Surface Water Treatment Facility: The facility withdraw raw water from Shingle Creek utilize the existing intake at Shingle Creek and treat the water to meet potable water standards. The facility will have a 6 MGD treatment capacity.  It is anticipated the facility will be completed by late 2026/early 2027. RFQu June N
Toho Reservoir Surface Water Treatment Facility: The facility consist of several components, i.e., an intake and pump station at East City Ditch, an intake and pump station at Mill Slough, an intake and pump station at the reservoir, a treatment facility which treat the water withdraw from the reservoir to meet reclaimed water standards. The treatment facility will have a 6 MGD treatment capacity in the current phase.  It is anticipated the facility will be completed by late 2026. IFB June  N
Kindred Triangle Water and Reuse Mains: Nolte Rd to Existing terminus of Cross Prairie Pkwy, north of the C-31 canal. Current plan is to provide a utility easement similar to the existing ROW section of CPP. This project will consist of a 20" RM as an extension from Toho Reservoir to Macy Island Rd. Master plan indicated the WM will be 12" but will be confirmed later based on the size of mains it will connect to.  RFQu June N
BVL WTP Upgrade: The WTP has a permitted treatment capacity of 5.04 MGG.  The WTP is being upgraded to improve water quality and to replace aging equipment. IFB July Y
CMAR Pre-Qualification for Major Projects: Pre-Qualify CMAR to provide CMAR services for treatment facility that exceed CCNA limits. RFQu TBD N
Hickory Tree Rd 16" WM (On-Hold) RFQu TBD N
160 Acre Irrigation Supplementation: The project will withdraw groundwater in the 160 acre RIB site to meet potable demand, non-potable demand, or both.    2025 N
Hoagland Blvd. 20" Water Main Extension: This project is identified in the Master Hydraulic Model updates.  This project is anticipated to increase water supply service by approximately 1.29 MGD to the Poinciana service area.  The 24" water main is required to transfer potable water from the Toho area to the Poinciana area to meet distribution system demands.  This project includes a 24" water transmission main to run from thee future Plant just north of Pleasant Hill Elementary School and south of Clay St.  The 24" water main will generally be installed west of the start location along the access road north of the elementary school, south along Jack Calhoun Dr. and South Hoagland Blvd, and through Good Samaritan Village. RFQu TBD N
CL2-P-01A Cypress Lake WTP of future Southport Connector: Install 17,000 LF of new 36" pipe from Cypress Lake WTP to the Southport Connector in South Poinciana. RFQu 2025 N
CL1-WTP-02 TWA WTP Conjunctive Capacity RFQu TBD N
CL1-P-01 Old Pleasant Hill Rd/Dover Plum Ave. S. Poinciana Blvd. to Country Club Road N/A    
Osceola Polk Line Rd - TWA Southwest WTP east to South Nocatee Road (ONLY US17-92 from CR532 to Nocatee Road) N/A    
CL2-P-07D I-4 Crossing along Tradition Blvd. N/A TBD N
Old Hickory Tree Road Potable & Reuse Water Main Extension: The project consists of the extension of 2,730 LF of 16” PVC water main and 2,760 LF of 16” PVC reuse water main along Old Hickory Tree Road from Nolte Rd to Hickory Tree Elementary School.   TBD N
Old Hickory Tree Road 16-inch Reclaimed Main IFB TBD N
Water Treatment Plant No. 4 Upgrades and Expansion RFQu TBD N
20-inch Connection - Center Lake to Jack Brack Rd. and Sunbridge: The Jack Brack Road Water, Wastewater, and Reuse Utility Improvements is a utility relocation project along Jack Brack Road from Narcoossee Road to Absher Road due to the Osceola County roadway expansion project. The utility relocation work consists of relocating approximately 18000 LF of pipes. Additionally, the project includes design work to include a 20” reuse main extension from Sable Glen Drive to Absher Rd to provide reclaimed water to the Narcoossee Road area from the Sunbridge WRF. IFB TBD N

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