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​Investing in water-saving appliances helps your bottom line

 Leaky appliances and water-guzzling machines are a few reasons why you're not only wasting water, but losing money. Making an investment in water-conserving appliances can impact your bottom line more than you may think. Here are a few household appliances that can give you the biggest return on investment and keep your conscience clean.


Washing machine -
Replacing a pre-1994 washer with an Energy Star model can save a family $110 a year on utility bills. Energy Star washers use 50 percent less energy than other standard models, and only 18 to 25 gallons of water for a full-sized load, compared to 40 gallons for standard full-sized washers.

According to research, front loading washers are more efficient than top loading washers. Unfortunately, top loading washers are still big sellers because of their smaller price tag. It's important to remember that investing more money in an efficient washer will pay off in the end. When purchasing a new washer, look for Energy Star or Energy Guide labels to compare efficiency.


Toilets and showerheads –
Installing water-efficient fixtures can help your family use 30 percent less water, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A typical toilet leak at today's rate can add up to $500 to a single water bill.

Showering is one of the leading ways that we use water in our homes. Installing a low-flow showerhead can cut the amount of water you use in half. The average person uses 500 gallons of water per month with a traditional shower head. A low-flow model can save you at least $13.00 per year. If your showerhead can fill a one-gallon bucket in less than 20 seconds, you should considering replacing it with a high-efficiency showerhead.


Dishwashers –
The newest Energy Star dishwashers are 25 percent more efficient than the minimum federal standards. Replacing a pre-1994 dishwasher with an Energy Star model can save you $25 per year in utility costs. A new dishwasher is not only more efficient than older models, it's also better at getting dishes clean.

Did you know that it's no longer recommend that you prewash your dishes? Simply scrape the remaining food off your plates and place them in the machine as is, and you will save both time and money (on your water bill)!

If you're not sure where to start in your efforts to save water and money, call us for a free water usage analysis. If our conservation specialists detect a dramatic increase in your water usage, they'll work with you to schedule an onsite visit of your home. At your home they will try and locate the reasons for the increase in water usage at no cost to you.

Do you have any of your own water saving tips? We'd love to hear them! Tweet them to us @Tohowater.