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​The Floridian's guide to hurricane preparedness

So what should you be doing to prepare yourself and your family for hurricane season?

Build a kit – If a storm strikes, you could be without water, power, and sewer service for 72 hours or more. Here is what your disaster preparedness kit should contain.

3 stories – Learn how three survivors coped with a natural disaster, including Hurricane Sandy.

Make a plan – You can build an online plan for your home or business detailing evacuation routes, emergency management contacts, and a list of things to do before and after a hurricane

Are you insured? – Some insurance policies do not kick in until 30 days after the policy is in effect, so investigate your coverage now before a storm hits. Here is a bunch of great links for home and business owners.

Protecting the vulnerable – How are you going to take care of the elderly person who lives with you? What about your pet? Do you know how to safely operate a generator during a power outage? Here are some tips on these and other special considerations.

Safeguarding important documents – Imagine if you had to replace all your important financial and legal documents. It's the tall task you could face if you don't keep them out of harm's way! Here is a checklist and steps to take to protect those important papers.

After the storm – Here's a checklist from the American Red Cross on steps to take when your return to your home after the storm.