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​How to save on your water bill during the holiday season

During the holiday season, when you’re entertaining out-of-town guests or cooking at a higher volume, it’s not uncommon to see a spike in your water bill. To help combat that, we’ve comprised a few tips for lowering your water bill during a period when people often see an increase.


For the kitchen:

  • Consider refilling a pitcher of water and keeping it in the fridge to decrease the amount of time you run your faucet.
  • Use an appropriate pan size when cooking.
  • Wash your dishes (and produce!) in a basin of water rather than under a running tap. The excess water can also be used to water your holiday tree. Also, hand-wash dishes that may take up a lot of space in your dishwasher.
  • Make sure to limit the number of times you run your dishwasher, and only wash full loads.

For holiday laundry:

  • Wash only full loads of clothes. Pool together your guests’ clothes to conserve.
  • When doing laundry, match the water level to the size of the load.
  • When you wash a full size load each time rather than more frequent small loads, you can save up to 600 gallons each month.

For the bathroom:

  • If you’re able, install low flow fixtures and water-saving appliances before your guests arrive. This will save you money even after the holidays are over!
  • If you have more people than usual taking showers, make sure to discuss your bathrooms quirks to your guest(s). A friendly reminder that we are all trying to conserve can be helpful.
  • Encourage family and friends to turn off the faucet while they brush their teeth.
  • Place a brick or a sand-filled jug in the tank of your toilet. With a one-gallon container, you can save up to a gallon of water per flush.

For more tips on conserving water, check out our indoor water conservation tips here.