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​7 water-related crafts and experiments that your kids will love

 We've rounded up seven water-related crafts and science experiments that your kids will love:

 1. Walking Water Experiment
Show your kids how primary colors make secondary colors with this "walking water" experiment! After you're done watching the water "walk" into the next cup, you can keep the fun going by doing some water color paintings. Check this out on YouTube.

2. Water Cycle Experiment
As any Floridian knows, the weather can go from beautiful sunny skies to a severe thunderstorm in minutes! With this water cycle experiment, kids will learn how to create a mini water cycle – minus the crazy wind, hail, and rain. Check this out on YouTube.

3. Liquid Lab Experiment
Who doesn't love a little science? This experiment will bring out the [young] scientist in you, while also making you look like the coolest parent ever. You'll look even cooler if you have a lab coat on standby, but of course that's optional. Check this out on YouTube.

4. Glitter Slime
While you may be worried about making a mess with this one ... You'll thank us later. No matter how old your children are, there's always that one toy that is so simple in design and quality, but still costs a good ten bucks. Save some money and a headache and learn how to create glittery slime! Check this out on YouTube.

5. Fireworks in a Jar
This water experiment is visually appealing and much quieter than the real deal. Another pro to this experiment is that it is fairly easy to learn and teach. Check this out on YouTube.

6. Hot and Cold Water Experiment
This water experiment uses heat to explain density. You can also use it to show your kids how hot air is less dense than cold air… "Heat rises!" Check this out on YouTube.

7. Ocean in a Bottle
Similar to the Liquid Lab Experiment, your kids will learn about density. While this experiment doesn't actually explain how waves are actually formed, it sure is pretty! We suggest adding an extra step – decorating this "mini ocean". For example, you could place fish stickers on the side and turn the bottle to complete the ocean ambiance. Check this out on YouTube.