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10 ways you can conserve water without even thinking about it

 Water conservation doesn’t have to be hard.

You can rip up your grass and put in a drought resistant lawn. Or replace all the toilets in your home with those that use less water. How about being like those living in California and cut your water use by up to 40 percent?

These water conservation measures aren’t cheap and take some real effort, but there are things you can do in your everyday lives that will reduce the amount of water you use.

We’ve come up with 10 ways you can conserve water without even thinking about it:

1. Are you going to drink that? – Only order water in a restaurant if you are going to actually drink it. Too many of us do it out of habit.

2. That was easyWashing your dishes in the dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand. You can save even more water by scraping your dishes instead of rinsing them.

3. Make it last a week – Do you grab a fresh towel after every shower? Reusing your towel during the week will save on washing, which will save on water and detergent.

4. Turn off the faucet – When you leave the faucet running to shave or brush your teeth, you are wasting about two gallons each minute.

5. In the Navy – Yeah, we want to stand up and dance, too. But we’re talking about water conservation, so we mean Navy showers. You use about 20 to 40 gallons of water for a four minute shower.

6. Clean sweep Use a broom to clean your walkways or driveways instead of washing them with a hose. You could save up to 150 gallons each time you clean.

7. Don’t be a water waster – If you have water in your glass and don’t want to drink it, use it for something else like watering plants or cleaning.

8. Buy recycled paper products – It takes less water to make paper products from recycled materials. If your family uses four rolls of paper towels a week and the product is made from recycled material, you could be saving 637 gallons a year.

9. Wash wisely – When washing fruits or vegetables, wash them in a bowl or pan instead of under a running faucet.

10. Wait to wash – Even if you have a water-efficient washer, it takes about 15 gallons per load. So, instead of doing multiple small loads, do one large load and you will save time and water.