New construction: water, irrigation or reclaimed meter installations  

Please select one of the following forms corresponding to the area where the meter installation is intended to take place. Use our interactive map to assist you in finding the right form. 

St. Cloud

Outside Poinciana Villages

Inside Poinciana Villages

Need a hose bibb on a meter?

Hose bibbs (stand pipes) can be added to your water meter installation requests. We’ll install them along with the requested meter. It is the builder’s responsibility to dispose of the hose bibb prior to final inspection. Hose bibbs are not available for meters in multi-meter vaults.

Meter and hose bill installation and charges

  • 3/4" meter $325, hose bibb - $50
  • 1" meter - $400, hose bibb - $50
  • 1.5" meter - $674, hose bibb - $50
  • 2" meter  - $1,000, hose bibb not available

Use the map

Enter an address in the interactive map below to be provided the corresponding meter request form.

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Enhanced Utility Location Services Program (Mandatory for Poinciana)

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Need help?

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