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​An overview of our employee  perks

In addition to the satisfaction you'll get from working for a great organization, as a Toho Water Authority employee you'll enjoy a competitive salary and benefits package. We know the strength of our organization depends upon a high-performing, diverse workforce. That's why we offer a total rewards package with competitive pay and benefits that allows us to attract the talent we need to succeed.


Our total rewards package includes:*

  • Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance

  • Retirement benefits

  • Wellness programs

  • Time-off benefits

  • Work-life balance programs

Salary Levels. Our salary levels are generally competitive with our comparable employers, and are adjusted periodically to remain competitive. Toho Water Authority pays on a bi-weekly schedule; direct deposit is mandatory.


Health and Dental Insurance. Compared to other utility employers, Toho Water Authority's plan is one of most generous and affordable to employees because we pay 100% of the premium cost for the employee's individual health insurance plan and the employee's individual dental insurance plan. Employees may also elect to purchase health and dental insurance coverage for their qualifying spouse or domestic partner and qualifying dependents. For full-time, active employees working at least 30 hours per week coverage will be effective after the first thirty (30) days of employment. 


Vision Insurance. Vision insurance is also provided.   


Onsite Wellness Center. Employees and eligible dependents have access to visit the onsite Wellness Center, administered by CareHere, to receive free primary care services, health and wellness coaching lab work, and generic brand prescriptions. 


Group Term Life Insurance.  Group term life insurance benefit is based upon one times your annual salary, not to exceed $100,000, and is provided at no cost to every employee of Toho Water Authority. Employees may elect to purchase additional life insurance. Long-term and short-term disability insurance is also available for purchase.


Retirement Plan.  For full time employees, working at least 30 hours per week, enrollment in Toho Water Authority's 401a Defined Contribution Plan is mandatory. Similar to a 401(k) plan which is available in the private sector, employee contributions are pre-tax, and plan participants are not taxed on employer contributions or upon earnings until funds are withdrawn. Employees may elect to contribute additional by enrolling in a 457 deferred compensation plan. Toho Water Authority also offers a competitive retirement match.


Other Benefits. Other benefits include flexible spending program, sick bank program, sick leave, vacation leave, additional holiday leave, (11) observed holidays, funeral leave, employee assistance program, tuition reimbursement, in-house training and development, safety incentives, recognition awards, wellness credits and more!


 *These descriptions of Toho Water Authority's benefits summarize the highlights of the plans. If any statement here, or in any other communication, conflicts with applicable plan documents, the plan documents will govern. Not all employees are eligible to participate in all benefits programs. Information regarding the specific benefits for which you are eligible will be available to you at the time of your employment with Toho Water Authority. Toho Water Authority reserves the right to amend or terminate any of its employee benefits plans in any respect at any time.