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Please be advised that Toho Water Authority is currently in Emergency Response Mode due to Hurricane Matthew. During this time, we will be handling emergency related issues only. If you have non-emergency related issues such as moving your service or a billing question, please contact us once normal operations have resumed which is expected to be next week. Thank you for your patience.


​ ​How much water does it take to process a quarter pound of hamburger? Approximately one gallon
​What is the total amount of water used to manufacture a new car, including new tires? 39,000 gallons
​Does water regulate the earth's temperature? Yes – it is a natural insulator
​How long can a person live without food? About a month
​How long can a person live without water? Between 3-4, depending upon conditions
​On the average, how much water is used to hand wash dishes? 20 gallons
​How much of the earth's surface is water? 80%
​Of all the earth's water, how much is ocean or seas? 97%
​How much of the earth's water is suitable for drinking water? 1%
​ Is it possible for me to drink water that was part of the dinosaur era? Yes
​How much does one gallon of water weigh? 8.34 pounds
​How many gallons of water would it take to cover one square mile with one foot of water? 219 million gallons
​How many gallons of water do you get per acre, when it rains one inch? 27,000 gallons per acre
​How much of the human body is water? 66%
​How much of a chicken is water? 75%
​How much of pineapple is water? 80%
​How much of an ear of corn is water? 80%
​How much water does it take to process one chicken? 11.6 gallons
​How much water does it take to process one can of fruit or vegetable? 9.3 gallons
​How much water does it take to process one barrel of beer? 1,500 gallons
​How much of the world's water is frozen and therefore unusable? 2%