Development Portal
Toho’s Development Portal is your one-stop shop for your developmen...

Where is the development portal?

The development portal can be found in two places on our website 

  • From the Log In drop down menu. Select the developer button to access it.
  • It's also located in the Development menu

When you register on the portal, you will have full access to all of its services.

Image of login section on website.

Overview video

Learn about some of the portal's key features to make your requests and check on statuses. 

What can I do on the portal?

The portal is your one-stop shop for your development needs. When you register on the portal, you will have full access to its services. Through the portal’s Application Assistant, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Project application and process (plan submission)
  • Utility permits (if certification of occupancy is needed)
  • Meter requests
  • Large meter account activations
  • Flushing device meters requests

Failed meter resets will no longer need to be requested. Fees will be automatically charged to escrow accounts and invoiced to non-escrow accounts to be paid via the portal. Once paid, the meter will be scheduled for installation.

Image of Assets and Infrastructure administrative assistant standing at computer.

What about the statuses of my requests?

The portal’s My Dashboard feature shows all your activity and the statuses of your requests. The dashboard will also notify you when an inspection can be requested. You can view any invoices and pay them as well.

Toho inspector in vehicle viewing computer.

New fees

As of January 22, 2024, the following have new fees in place:

  • Meters
  • Connections & Locates
  • Development & Inspections
  • Operations


View fees
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Toho has hosted tutorials on aspects of the development portal. They are listed below. Tutorials are also available on the development portal.

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Here to help

On the portal, we have included tutorials to assist you. But if you need any assistance, please contact our Development Liaison Latoya Hanson by emailing