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Building Homes?

Did you know they have to comply with our water efficiency program?

The Toho Efficiency Program (TEP) is a water efficiency program adopted by Toho Water Authority in April 2008 for all new residential single family home projects. The program has been expanded to include multifamily construction and all undeveloped lots including those in projects predating April 2008.  This also includes common areas. Compliance with the expanded program will begin with building permits issued on and after April 1, 2016.


TEP criteria:

  • Indoor fixtures and appliances
  • Landscape design
  • Irrigation systems

Checklist and technical manual

Residential construction is required to comply with items LC 1 - INC 6 within the Toho Water Authority service area . We have also included the TECHNICAL MANUAL.

Indoor savings

Indoor fixtures and appliances that meet TEP criteria are similar in cost to typical fixtures and appliances.

A TEP home uses approximately 20 percent less water indoors compared to a typical home.

Outdoor savings

A TEP landscape allows no more than 60 percent high-volume irrigation compared to a typical landscape that has 80 percent high-volume irrigation.

Please contact:

Rodney Tilley - Toho Water Authority  at (407) 944-5121 or by email at for specific requirements.