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​How long does it take?

Need to know how long your private development plans, drawings or applications will take to be reviewed by Toho Water Authority? We've included in the table below a list of review times for some of the items you may be working on. You will also find our inspector review times for residential and commercial projects along with the Inspector Record Drawing Checklist.


Checklists for your plans

We have included two checklists below (Sufficiency and Commonly Missed Items) for submitting your plans for review. The goal of these checklists is to ensure TWA staff has all items to complete a thorough and timely review resulting in a reduction in the number of resubmittals and a reduction in the time necessary to achieve TWA plan acceptance. Please read our Sufficiency Notice.

Our ​Timeframes and Checklists

​​Private Development Project Timeline

Engineering Review Times

Record Drawing Delineation Criteria

Inspector Record Drawing Checklist

​Sufficiency Review Checklist

​Checklist of Commonly Missed Items

Our Performance