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Important Notice: Please be aware that our bill payment system will be unavailable for several hours starting at 7am on December 14, 2019 for maintenance. Please try again later when our system is available. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


​Want a water, irrigation or reclaimed meter installed?

Use our Meter Installation Request form to apply for water, irrigation and reclaimed meters in 3/4", 1" and 2" sizes. For meters 3" or larger use our Large Meter Account Activation ​form. 

Need a hose bibb on a meter?

Hose bibbs (stand pipes) can be added to your water meter installation requests. We’ll install them along with the requested meter. Please note: It is the builder’s responsibility to dispose of the hose bibb prior to final inspection. Sorry, but hose bibbs are not available for meters in multi-meter vaults.


Meter Installation
Hose Bibb
Installation Charges
​3/4" meter  $325 ​$50
1" meter  $400$50
​2" meter  $1000​$80


Meter Release 
Toho Water Authority (Toho) will release water meters for installation for all projects after receipt of the FDEP water clearance. FDEP sewer clearance is no longer required for meter installation release. 

Sewer Clearance
The project cannot connect to a sanitary sewer prior to receiving FDEP sewer clearance.  The current fine for an illegal connection is $300 per connection.  

If the project is found to have illegally connected to the sanitary sewer system, the developer shall be responsible to have the entire sanitary sewer system cleaned at their expense and cleaning witnessed by the Toho construction inspector. Any Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO’s) that occur prior to Toho acceptance of the system are the developer’s responsibility and the developer may be responsible for any fines and corrective actions administered by FDEP and/or Toho.

Toho will require the downstream manhole (either the junction manhole prior to the lift station or the last manhole prior to sewer leaving the site) be plugged. The Toho inspector must witness the plug being installed.

After FDEP sewer clearance is received, Toho shall witness the sanitary sewer system being cleaned and witness the plug being removed.

Meter Installation and Billing
Meter sets will continue to be provided within 10 – 15 business days (sooner when possible) from the date of meter fees being paid.

Once meter is set, billing will begin. Please note: Potable meters will incur water and sewer charges even if the site is not cleared for sanitary sewer use.

Meter Installation Requirements (Please follow to avoid failed meter set fees)
Before submitting a meter installation request make sure the property is ready for meter installation following the requirements below. A property requesting a water and irrigation/ reclaimed meter must be ready to have both meters installed. All meter sites must be ready to avoid failed meter set fees.

  1. Address must be clearly marked on the permit box.
  2. Water and irrigation services must be exposed. 
  3. Before a meter can be set the builder is responsible for having the meter box installed and ready for the meter to be fitted. 
  4. Meter installation area must be free from trash, clutter, building material, debris, or any other obstruction that would prevent meter installation.
  5. Service lines must be pressurized.
  6. Location of sidewalks and driveways must be clearly marked.
  7. It is the developer’s responsibility to protect the meter box and meter during construction.  If meters or meter boxes are broken the cost of replacement is the developer’s responsibility.
  8. Invoicing for damages due to neglect will be paid by the builder prior to release of the certificate of occupancy (CO). 
  9. It is the developer’s responsibility to ensure the water meter box is set to grade with the curb stop facing up and accessible prior to requesting water meters.
  10. Service lines serving multi-family and multi-tenant commercial properties must be connected to the meter vault(s) prior to this request form being submitted.
  11. Builder installed irrigation systems will require a separate meter.

Failed Meter Set Fees
 If the meter cannot be set because any of the above items 1 – 11 are not met, a Failed Meter Set Fee shall be assessed as follows:

  • Single Family lots $100 per visit
  • Commercial and Multi- Family projects with 8 meters or less: $100 for the first meter, $50 for the second meter, $25 each for the next six meters
  • Commercial and Multi-Family projects with over 8 meters: $300 per building