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Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) Program

Toho Water (Toho) has created the CIAC reimbursement program to facilitate expanding infrastructure to platted lots in areas of Poinciana that are without water and/or sewer service. Builders in these areas will be able to apply for CIAC consideration, and if specific criteria are met, will get reimbursed for qualifying construction to lots not owned or controlled by the builder.  ​

Please find below the CIAC Reimbursement Application and examples of the Builder's Line Extension Agreement, Property Owner Utility Line Extension Agreement and the Toho Letter of Intent. The three example documents are project specific and will be created when construction plans have been approved.


Appeal Application for CIAC Program​
​CIAC Reimbursement Application​
​Builder Utility Line Extension Agreement Example​​​
​​Property Owner Utility Line Extension Agreement Example​
Toho Letter of Intent CIAC Program Example​​ ​​
​CIAC Fee Summary​


​October 5, 2021 - Builder's meeting​
September 2021 ​- Utility Line Extension Funding Priority Update​
​​June ​​22 - CIAC Presentation
CIAC Program Board Resolution ​

Decorative image of construction holding plans