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Please be advised that Toho Water Authority is currently in Emergency Response Mode due to Hurricane Matthew. During this time, we will be handling emergency related issues only. If you have non-emergency related issues such as moving your service or a billing question, please contact us once normal operations have resumed which is expected to be next week. Thank you for your patience.


 Important message for our out-of-country customers. When selecting a country on our online payment system certain countries default to England. If this should happen use the service address instead.

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Making an online payment

Welcome to Toho's online payment system. You can pay using a credit/debit card or bank account. By creating an account you can store your credit/debit card or bank account to use whenever you want to make a payment. Our payment system allows you to schedule a payment or set up to have your bill paid automatically. Don't have time to create an account, use our quick one-time payment option.​


What you need?
To create an account or to make a one-time payment you will need:
​Your water account number
​Your email address
​Your banking or credit card information


Need help?
How to create an account
​How to make a one-time payment
​FAQs and password requirements

 How to create an account