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Please be advised that Toho Water Authority is currently in Emergency Response Mode due to Hurricane Matthew. During this time, we will be handling emergency related issues only. If you have non-emergency related issues such as moving your service or a billing question, please contact us once normal operations have resumed which is expected to be next week. Thank you for your patience.


​Water … Use Responsibly

​​Toho Water Authority has an award-winning department dedicated to helping its customers reduce their water usage.  In this section you will find information for getting a Water Usage Analysis on your home to see whether you are using too much water.

New to the area? Find out what your watering days and times are.

If your home was built in 1995 or before and it has 3.5+ gallon toilets take advantage of our Toilet Rebate Program. Check out the indoor and outdoor tips for saving water. We even have a new application called Go Easy On H2O where you can track your water usage over a period of time.

Building a new home? Check out the Florida Water Star requirements for new homes in our service area.  So let's get started reducing our impact on the environment.