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​Tier structure for reclaimed meters 2" and larger

On September 27, 2017, the Board of Supervisors of Toho Water Authority passed a resolution modifying the rate structure for 2 inch or larger reclaimed water meters. 

The new structure provides specific reclaimed water tier allocations on an individual customer basis and is designed to encourage efficient reclaimed water usage recognizing the specific attributes of each property served. The tier allocations were developed based on the amount of landscaped area on each customer's property and the irrigation requirements which are derived from annual weather patterns and plant watering needs. 

These factors are plugged into an industry standard formula designed to quantify irrigation needs.  The formula measures landscaped area, the loss of moisture from plants and the soil (evapotranspiration), average rainfall received and prevailing soils, the type of crop being irrigated, and the efficiency of each customer's irrigation system

The irrigation allocation formula is used to determine monthly watering needs for each individual commercial reclaimed water customer.  Individualized pricing tiers were then established based on the minimum (Tier 1) and average (Tier 2) monthly irrigation needs.


Why has Toho Water Authority changed the rate structure for reclaimed meters 2" and larger?

Toho Water Authority prior rate structure for reclaimed customers defined the amount of water in each rate tier based on the size of the customer's meter.  While there is some correlation between meter size and irrigation needs, Toho desired to adopt an approach that would better align individual customer irrigation needs with the pricing for reclaimed water service. 


How did Toho Water Authority determine my water allocation per tier?

The factors used to calculate the budget for this tier include landscape area square feet specific to the property’s geographic location. The reclaimed water tier allocations are based on the landscaped area on each customer’s property. We utilized our geographical information system (GIS) database to determine the landscaped area for each customer. The landscape area was then utilized in the irrigation allocation formula the monthly minimum and average irrigation needs to establish the specific tiers 


How accurate is the data used to determine my water allocation tiers?

Landscape square footage is determined by measurements taken of each property’s landscape area using detailed aerial imagery and a highly accurate Geographic Information System (GIS). Analysis of irrigated areas was designated based on property included in the latest aerial imagery provided by Osceola County. Areas were also obtained from Georeferenced Record Drawings that designated the specific locations for irrigation.


What is my reclaimed water allocation?

You will receive a letter by mail which will include your reclaimed water allocation amounts. You can also obtain your reclaimed water allocation amounts by sending us an email to


What happens if I go over my reclaimed water tier allocations?

If you go over the specific water allocation tiers 1 and 2 you will be charged the tier 3 rate for each additional 1,000 gallons of reclaimed water used.  


What if I believe my water allocations are incorrect?

If you believe your allocations have been inappropriately determined please fill out our Reclaimed Water Appeal form. 


What if I change the landscaped area on my property?

Changes to landscaped area can be submitted by using our Reclaimed Water Appeal form.


Why did my reclaimed water bill go up with the new rate structure?

In most cases, customers will experience a reduction in their reclaimed water bill under the new rate structure. However, in some instances customers may experience increased bills due to the prior rate structure which based allocations on meter size. This increase will typically result from a situation where a customer has a large meter for a relatively small area to irrigate.


What if I make changes to my irrigation system to make it more efficient will my tiers change?

Modifications in your irrigation system will not affect your tier allocations. However, increases in the efficiency of your water patterns/irrigation system may result in less water than assumed in the tier determinations allowing you to more easily stay within the lower tiers.


What if I make changes to the type of landscaping on my property?

Changes to the type of crop irrigated on your property will not result in changes to your tier allocations.  To the extent that a crop type with less water needs is installed will result reduced irrigation needs allowing you to more easily stay within the lower tiers. 


Will Toho Water Authority be using this rate structure for commercial potable irrigation customers?

We are currently evaluating the possibility to implement an allocation based rate structure for commercial potable irrigation customers.