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Need water for your event?

Welcome to our bottled water request page. Please read our guidelines below before submitting a request.


What we do not sponsor

  • Organizations that are not public charities – i.e. not tax-exempt under paragraph 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code;

  • Political candidates, committees or organizations;

  • Churches and religious or sectarian organizations, unless engaged in a significant project benefiting the entire community;

  • Organizations that discriminate against people because of their age, race, creed, gender, handicap, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity or national origin

  • Events outside our service area (exceptions may apply if event is water industry related)

Terms and Conditions

1. All bottled water requests considered by Toho must be submitted by organizations located within Toho's service area or as approved.

2. Quantities are limited and requests are granted on a first-come first-served basis. A request must be made by submitting a completed Bottled Water Request Form. Requests must be received a minimum of 60 days in advance of the event.

3. Water is donated at no cost to organizations and must not be sold or used for any events other than the event specified on the request form. The bottles cannot be relabeled, have their labels removed or purposely damaged.  If it is determined that the bottled water is being used for other events, sold, relabeled or labels removed the organization will be disqualified from consideration of any future requests.

4. Once your request is received our team will review your information to determine if it meets our current guidelines. Upon approval Toho will contact the organization via email.

5. Pickup address is at the city's warehouse: 100 N. Alaska Ave., Kissimmee, FL 34741. Scheduled pickup times will be included in the email once the request has been approved. Toho is not responsible for a missed scheduled pickup.

6. Water is available in 500ml (16.9 ounce) bottles and packaged in cases of 24. Water will be distributed in full case quantities only. All water is provided at room temperature and should be stored indoors before use.

7. The pickup, loading and transportation of the bottled water are the responsibility of the requesting organization. Each case weighs approximately 25 lbs. It is the responsibility of the requesting organization to bring appropriate transportation, staff and necessary equipment to safely load and transport the water. Toho is not responsible for any injury or damage to vehicles, persons or otherwise during the transportation and pick up of water. The requesting organization and those related to the organization, including, without limitation, those transporting and picking up the water, shall be deemed to have released and agreed to indemnify and hold harmless Toho and its council, employees and contractors from any and all losses, claims or damages, including reasonable attorneys' fees, related to the donation of the bottled water for the event, including, without limitation, any damage or injury resulting from the transportation or pick up of the water or the breach of this agreement.

8. In the best interest of the environment organizations requesting bottled water should provide appropriate waste storage containers at the event and are strongly encouraged to reuse and recycle the plastic bottles.

9. Bottled water recipient will recognize Toho's donation of bottled water in its publicity for the event. Regardless of the retail value of the contribution Toho must receive a mutually agreed to 'recognition level' and benefit from the receiving organization based in existing sponsorship opportunities.

Please use our Bottled Water Request form to request bottled water for your event.