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Our Water Source

Underneath Osceola County lies one of the largest pristine reservoirs of fresh groundwater in the country, the Floridian Aquifer.  Water from this aquifer is of consistently high quality and is used as the source of potable water for the Toho Water Authority water system.  The aquifer is recharged by rainfall on the Lake Wales Ridge (US 27) in Osceola, Polk and Lake Counties that is filtered through hundreds of feet of sand and rock in a natural cleansing process.  Because of its high quality, the water we use needs little or no treatment other than aeration to remove hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and is chlorinated for disinfection.


Bringing  You High Quality Water

Toho Water Authority delivers to you water that is constantly tested for compliance with federal and state standards and regulations.  Throughout the year highly trained scientists and technicians perform analysis on samples taken throughout your water system.  The results of these analyses are provided in the reports below. 

2016  Annual Water Quality Reports
Western ReportInforme Oeste
Southern Report​Informe Sur
Central Report​Informe Central
Eastern ReportInforme Este

​2015 Annual Water Quality Reports ​
Western ReportInforme Oeste
Southern ReportInforme Sur
​Central ReportInforme Central
​Eastern ReportInforme Este

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Unregulated Contaminants Study

Between 2013 and 2015 Toho Water Authority monitored for unregulated contaminants as part of a study to assist the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determine the occurrence of UCs in drinking water and whether or not these contaminants need to be regulated. The studies were conducted on the Buenaventura Lakes, Eastern, Western and Poinciana water systems.  Toho Water Authority has published the detected results in its Annual Water Quality Reports for those years. You can view the full reports below.

​UC study for Western Area
​Western Water System


UC study for Southern Area
Poinciana Water System


UC study for Central Area
Eastern Water System
Buenaventura Lakes Water System